Everton’s disastrous managerial search – a timeline


Ronald Koeman was sacked by Everton on 23rd October following a 5-2 dismantling at the hands of Arsenal. Following the most ludicrous transfer window in the club’s history he left the club in 18th place in the Premier League, following a run of just 2 wins in 9 games.

Before the season began everything was looking rosy for Ron, but the failure to address the loss of their top goalscorer combined with some of the worst defence in the competition gave the club no choice but to let him go.

Caretaker manager David Unsworth took to the helm but other than a surprising comeback to beat Watford 3-2, they’ve been equally abysmal, particularly in the Europa League, where they’ve had one of the worst showings ever by an English side in Europe.

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Surely there were no more trimmings to add to this shit sandwich, Everton fans must have thought. But lo and behold, the club have managed it, and their managerial chase has unquestionably been a nightmare journey, without any sort of clear direction in mind.

It reminds me of Palace at the start of the season, swapping new breed De Boer for old school Hodgson, but at least Palace acted fast, because Everton’s month has dragged and dragged and dragged… Here’s a handy timeline for you.


23rd October – Unsworth took the helm and threw his blue blood-stained hat in the mix but reports told that the club were setting their sights in two drastically different directions, with Champion’s League winner Carlo Ancelotti and Championship winner, Sean Dyche on the menu. No disrespect to Dyche, but putting these two in the same pool was a bit of a stretch. http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/everton-next-manager-carlo-ancelotti-sean-dyche-search-for-replacement-koeman-a8015761.html

Later that day, Head of Sport at the Daily Mail seemed sure that Dyche was destined for the job, but since he’s still in charge of Burnley, it is safe to say that didn’t happen. https://twitter.com/LeeClayton_/status/922446876745625601


24th October – Highly experienced manager and all-round top bloke Ryan Giggs declared his interest, looking to jump right in at the top of the managerial tree like any level-headed chap would.


As well as Unsworth and Giggs, Phil Neville also wanted to drink from the poisoned chalice, reported the BBC.


A man with genuine experience, former Borussia Dortmund coach Thomas Tuchel, didn’t rule himself out, but nothing rose from it, perhaps the memo didn’t arrive at Goodison?


Marco Silva was very high on Everton’s hitlist too. At Watford he had introduced some very attractive football, so understandably, he was a lovely prospect. However, Watford would have none of it.


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26th October  – Dyche was flattered by the link to Everton, but largely dismissed the situation, saying: “There’s no story, it’s other people’s stories. It’s not mine, but it’s right that I get asked about it.”



27th October – BIG SAM ALERT. The man who left Crystal Palace with no interest of returning to management quickly couldn’t resist the attraction of perhaps joining the blue side of Liverpool for another relegation battle. Contact was seemingly made between the parties, presumably over a pint of wine, so we will be hearing more from him later…


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1st November – The list is getting longer! This time an approach was made for Nuno Espírito Santo of Wolves. Some say that they can still hear Paul Merson cursing the idea in the distance. Santo’s side we’re sitting top of the Championship at the time, and they’re 4 points clear at present, but was Nuno still leading the pack?



2nd November – Yea he was. He mugged Everton off in the only way to do so in this modern age, by tweeting a wolf emoji. Class.



7th November – Why stop at Wolves’ manager? Let’s have Atletico’s! Simeone arose at the ‘top target’ for Everton, but I don’t think anyone was ever truly jumping on that crazy train – you can’t fault their ambition, I guess.




14th November – The Ev seemingly didn’t hear Watford’s comments earlier in the window and went big for Silva, offering £8.5 million (a large amount for a manager) for the Hornet’s man. They were stung though, as Watford stuck to their guns and rejected such compensation.



15th November – No time wasted, second bid, £10 million. REJECTED. The Watford are not for turning. Silva though, was not playing down the chance of moving to the North and so fire of this story would continue to burn.


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17th November – BIG SAM ALERT. He’s ruled himself out, much to the confusion of David Unsworth. Sam was unhappy with the lack of decision by Everton. I’m sure that’s the last we will see of the former England manager then…



21st November – Who’s that Pokemon?! Its Louis Van Gaal. The man with the mighty bollocks said: “I’ve not yet been asked” when speaking about the job, seemingly writing his own name on the list. His experience could be an attractive prospect, but we’re the board interested? The answer to that question is superfluous as he was apparently never actually interested and probably just wanted to somehow piss off Ronald Koeman.




23rd November – Everton at this point were like a scorned lover, refusing to give up on their one true love. Their final price for love, was £20 million, but Watford said no again and thus ends the tragic saga of Silva and Farhad Moshiri. Fair play to Watford for sticking to their word here, because £20 million is a simply insane amount for a manager, hopefully it doesn’t come back to bite them.



24th November – Unsworth seemingly finds out he is out of the running for the managerial role via TalkSport. Poor David has not had a very fun month has he.


Shareholder Moshiri claimed the club were close to finalising their appointment, with fans wanting off his wild ride.


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27th November – BIG SAM ALERT. Present day, Everton have apparently re-opened talks with Sam Allardyce and supporters are surely furiously banging their head on the wall. If they get Sam, he will probably keep them up, but why in the piss didn’t they sort this a month ago when he was interested? A complete and utter farce from start to finish.



Surely were approaching the end of this saga now. Coming into the Christmas period in already dangerous waters, they simply have to take action to steady the ship before it is too late.

They’re only out of the relegation zone at the moment because everyone around them has been equally shite and I sympathise with Everton fans because this is beyond a joke now and the club are at real risk of going down.

Some of these reports were simply rumours and some had a little more flavour to them, so

As it stands Big Sam is the favourite at 1/8, but who knows what the future hold for the Ev, is that Marco Silva available perhaps?

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